Significantly Faster Data Transfer Speed
3 Years Warranty

A complete memory solution for your Laptop, this RAM can help increase the data transfer rate considerably and is also strictly compliant to various standards set by the industry for the best user experience.

Unparalleled Data Transfer

- Increased Data transmission Speed
-Improved performance

Simmtronics DDR1 Laptop RAM boosts the performance of your laptop providing it with much needed stability and agility. It can achieve an output rate that is greater than other modules. Running at 2.5 volts it runs at a clock speed of 400Mhz providing your laptop with unparalleled transmission speed.

ddr1 laptop ram speed
ddr1 laptop ram warranty

Extensive Warranty

- 3 years inclusive warranty
- High quality products

Simmtronics DDR1 RAM for laptops is built using the highest manufacturing standards. But, in case you encounter any problem, you have the backing of an extensive 3-year warranty by Simmtronics.

In sync with the highest standards

- Conforms to Standards
- Stringent testing

Simmtronics DDR1 RAM for Laptops adheres to the highest quality standards set by the industry body. Our RAM is stringently tested to achieve perfect test score so that they are completely reliable and provide unmatched stability and performance to your laptop.

ddr1 laptop ram standard


Simmtronics offers a wide array of memory solution for your Laptop, Select from our range of highly efficient RAM available in various storage.

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