Enhanced performance, Reduced power consumption, Greater Bus speed

This RAM promises an enhanced user experience with a great bus speed that increases transfer speed and helps in boosting the performance of your Desktop PC 

Extraordinary Performance

- Better Transmission speed
- Seamless computing

The Simmtronics DDR2 Desktop RAM handles workload with ease enhancing transfer speed by several notches. It also reduces interleaving delays while boosting transmission speed upto 6400 Mbps.

ddr1 desktop ram performance
ddr1 desktop ram warranty

Power Efficiency

- Advanced Process Technology
- Reduced Power Intake

Simmtronics DDR2 Desktop computer RAM cut downs power intake by upto 50%. The 1.8v low operating voltage helps it deliver speed of 800 Mhz on the clock while keeping the power consumption to the bare minimum.

Improved Bus speed

- 800 Mhz FSB speed
- Improves performance

Simmtronics DDR2 Desktop computer RAM’s improved structure provides for greater FSB( Front Side Bus) speed. As the CPU reaches the memory controller through the FSB it can greatly enhance the performance of your computer.

ddr1 desktop ram speed


Simmtronics offers a wide array of memory solution for your Laptop, Select from our range of highly efficient RAM available in various storage.

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