One Stop Solution for Every Computing Ecosystems

This RAM provides the perfect mix of durability and performance for every computing ecosystem so that you don’t have to compromise on anything.

Unmatched Performance

- Extraordinary RAM
- Highly Efficient Performance

Simmtronics DDR3 Laptop RAM is the perfect mix of power and efficiency. It provides transfer bandwidth of 1600 Mbps making it a perfect choice for a broad range of devices. Power up your laptop with this highly efficient RAM to make it run at its optimal speed.

ddr3 desktop ram performance
Desktop ddr3 ram power consumption

Reduced Power

- 30% Less consumption
- 30 nm structure

Running at 1.5v this DRAM from Simmtronics saves 30% energy compared to previous versions. This highly efficient RAM has been tested to provide your Laptop with sustained performance over longer periods using less energy.


Simmtronics offers a wide array of memory solution for your Laptop, Select from our range of highly efficient RAM available in various storage.

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