Highly efficient, Super fast Transmission speed

High-performing memory module empowers faster and powerful solutions.
Simmtronics DDR4 delivers top speed with better bandwidth and reliability using less energy

Next Level of

- Increased bandwidth
- 16 bank core boosts speed

Simmtronics DDR4 RAM promises seamless transfer speed of 3200 Mbps that helps it in performing high density operations. It is the next evolutionary step in performance enhancement. Its 16 core architecture maximizes speed with considerable ease.

ddr4 desktop ram performance
ddr4 desktop ram power

Improved Energy

- Reduction in energy consumption by 25%
- Reduced core energy intake

Simmtronics DDR4 RAM’s architecture helps it in reducing energy use by 25%. 1.2 V operating voltage reduces power consumption, thereby reducing TCO and increasing your Desktops efficiency manifolds.

Highly Reliable

- Recognise and rectify failures
- Prevent system malfunctions

This DRAM for Desktops has been designed to provide high speed transmission while recognising failures and prevent system malfunctioning. System reliability has gained imminence with more and more data being processed

Reliable ddr4 desktop ram


Choose from a wide range of high performance RAM available in various storage.

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