This DDR2 RAM from Simmtronics uses the best of technology to provide your system with greater efficiency. An improved transmission bandwidth coupled with a clock speed of 800 MHz it provides your Computer with unparalleled speed.
Higher efficiency

Simmtronics DDR2 Desktop RAM increases the efficiency of your system by several notches. Based on a 240 pin module it can transmit data at an increased bandwidth. It helps in unlocking the true potential of your desktop Computer.

Energy saving

This DDR2 RAM is a very energy efficient module for your Desktop PC. It can reduce energy consumption by about 50% compared to others. Running at 1.8 V it operates at a frequency of 800 MHz on the clock.

Increased Bus Speed

DDR2 RAM’s updated design and architecture FSB (Front Side Bus) speed considerably. Greater bus speed ensures an efficient and fast data transfer between the CPU and the memory controller.


 Suitable for Desktop PC
 Module Specification 240Pin Unbuffered-DIMM
 Density 1 GB
 IC Configuration 128 x 8, 256 x 8
 CAS Latency 6
 Working Voltage 1.8V ± 0.1V