Simmtronics DDR3 RAM conserves energy by using 30% less energy and as a result boosting the overall efficiency of the system. At 1600 Mbps, its bandwidth allows it to transmit data at a faster rate and helps in reducing delays.
High efficiency

This RAM is the perfect partner for your Laptop. Forget all about slow speed and lagging system with this high-speed DDR3 RAm from Simmtronics. With a data transmission rate of 1600 Mbps, it will unlock the full potential of your Laptop.

Low energy consumption

The DDR 3 Laptop RAM from Simmtronics utilises high-end technology so that it uses less energy. Running at 1.5 Volts it uses 30% less energy than other DRAM modules.


 Suitable for  Notebook
 Module Specification  204Pin SO-DIMM
 Density  2 GB
 IC Configuration  256 x 8, 512 x 8
 CAS Latency  11
 Working Voltage  1.5V ± 0.075V
 Frequency  1600 MHz