Based on an improved architecture, this RAM has a better rate of data transmission than other previous generation RAMs. AT 1600 Mbps, it can reduce transmission delays ensuring a very efficient and smooth computing for your Desktop PC.
High-level Performance

Make way for super fast Desktop PCs. Running at a frequency of 1600 MHz it eliminates any delay in data transfer thereby boosting the performance of your PC. , Simmtronics DDR3 RAM with its excellent transfer speed will prove to be the best partner that your Computer can get.

Energy efficient

Operating at 1.5 volts it can save 30%  energy as a result of improved design and the use of cutting-edge technology. Simmtronics DDR3 RAM for Desktop leaves everyone behind when it comes to energy efficiency and as a result boosts the overall performance of your computer.


 Suitable for Desktop PC
 Module Specification 240Pin Unbuffered DIMM
 Density 4 GB
 IC Configuration 256 x 8, 512 x 8
 CAS Latency 11
 Working Voltage 1.35V (1.283V-1.45V)
 Frequency 1600 MHz