Efficiency, performance, quality are some of the features of this super fast RAM from Simmtronics. Manufactured using the best technological know-how, this DDR1 RAM is the perfect combo of speed and reliability.
Improved transmission

With a better bandwidth, transmission of data has improved manifold, and so has the performance. Simmtronics DDR1 RAM can help your PC work in a more efficient way by reducing data transfer delays and making it agiler.


Simmtronics DDR1 RAM comes with a 3-year warranty to cover for any problem that you might face. Although manufactured using the best technology available, any issue that may arise during runtime is covered by this warranty.

Stringent testing

With a strict quality check in place, we ensure only the best reaches your PC. Simmtronics DDR1 RAM is compliant with different Industry standards for quality and security. It ensures that you get a reliable product that provides your computer with the stability and power it needs.


 Suitable for  Desktop PC
 Module Specification 184Pin Unbuffered-DIMM
 Density  512 MB
 IC Configuration 64 x 8
 CAS Latency 2.5, 3
 Working Voltage 2.5V ± 0.1V
 Frequency 400 MHz