Running at 800 MHz it could easily handle high-intensity computing that is the demand of new generation platforms. Running at 1.8 V, it helps in reducing power consumption by more than 50%, while increasing performance manifold
Improved Performance

Performance boost is what your Laptop needs. This DDR2 RAM does exactly that. with reduced interleaving delay and a bandwidth of 6400 Mbps, it can handle even demanding operation with considerable ease.

Lower power consumption

Reduction in power consumption by 50% is what you get with this RAM. Running at 1.8 V it could greatly reduce energy use while boosting performance manifolds.

Enhanced Bus speed

DDR2 RAM’s advanced technology increases  FSB (Front Side Bus) speed considerably. Greater bus speed ensures an efficient and fast data transfer between the CPU and the memory unit.


 Suitable for  Laptops
 Module Specification  240Pin Unbuffered-DIMM
 Density  512 MB
 IC Configuration  128 x 8, 256 x 8
 CAS Latency  6
 Working Voltage  1.8V ± 0.1V