An increased bus speed for better transmission of data between the CPU and memory controller, this RAM provides your laptop with the power to unleash its full potential without any worry.


Efficient design

With transmission speed reaching 6400 Mbps and reduced interleaving delays, this DDR2 RAM from Simmtronics is a powerhouse of efficiency. An enhanced transmission speed and stability is what it brings to the table.

Energy saving

Running at 1.8V it can transmit data at 800 MHz while consuming 50% less power than usual. With an updated technology and better heat dissipation, it makes slow systems a thing of the past.

Enhanced Bus speed

DDR2 RAM’s advanced technology increases  FSB (Front Side Bus) speed considerably. Greater bus speed ensures an efficient and fast data transfer between the CPU and the memory unit.


 Suitable for  Laptops
 Module Specification  240Pin Unbuffered-DIMM
 Density 2 GB
 IC Configuration  128 x 8, 256 x 8
 CAS Latency  6
 Working Voltage  1.8V ± 0.1V


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