An improved performance, high transmission rate, no system malfunctions are some of the things that you get with a Simmtronics DDR4 RAM Desktop RAM.
Next Level of Performance

An evolution in next-gen performance, this RAM makes data processing very smooth. With an increased bandwidth and a better operating frequency, it helps in making data transmission look effortless.

Power saving

Reduction in power consumption by 25% helps this RAM in setting a new benchmark in energy efficiency. At 1.2V it can function with greater efficiency compared to other RAM modules, as a result of less power consumption.

High-Reliability factor

With a better technology at its core, this RAM helps in reducing malfunctions and preventing system failure making it a highly reliable module for your Desktop PC.


 Module type U-DIMM
 Form Factor standard 1.23″ height
 Memory Type DDR4
 Standard JEDEC
 Interface 288 Pin
 Density 4 GB
 Speed 2666 MHz
 Power Supply VDD and VDDQ = 1.2V±0.06V
 DRAM activation power supply VPP= 2.5V (+0.25V / -0.125V)
 DRAM spec/VCC DDR4 STD 1.2V
 Operating temperature 0°C to 85°C
 Warranty 3 years